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Fortenova Group becomes General Sponsor to HNS


Konzum, Jamnica and PIK Vrbovec become official sponsors to HNS 


The Croatian Football Association (Hrvatski nogometni savez – HNS) and Fortenova Group have joined forces and thus one of Southeast Europe’s largest companies has become sponsor to HNS and the current Vice World Champions


Fortenova Group has thus become General Sponsor to the Croatian Football Association, while three companies from its portfolio – Konzum, Jamnica and PIK Vrbovec will be official sponsors to the HNS. The Sponsorship Agreement for the next four years was signed by Davor Šuker, President of HNS and Fabris Peruško, Chief Executive Officer of Fortenova Group, as well as Zoran Mitreski, Dario Šalić and Slaven Ružić, Heads of Konzum, Jamnica and PIK Vrbovec, respectively. Pursuant to the Agreement, Jana becomes the official water of the national football team and of HNS.


“We are proud to be the General Sponsor of the Croatian Football Association for the years to come. The national football team is one of the symbols of Croatia and one of the world’s best ranking national teams, with numerous sporting successes. Success and excellence are the very values that Fortenova Group as one of the leading companies in Southeast Europe is guided by. At the same time, as Croatia’s strong and recognizable brands, our operating companies Konzum, Jamnica and PIK Vrbovec have become official sponsors to The Ardent (‘Vatreni’), yet another strong Croatian brand and an important promotor of Croatia worldwide.


It is my particular pleasure that this sponsorship also includes the socially responsible project of building ten football fields in different parts of Croatia. Thus we shall, together with HNS, encourage the youngest population to engage in sports and make an important contribution to the local communities in which we operate. I wish HNS and The Ardent lots of new sporting successes and medals and particularly look forward to rooting at the European Football Championship matches, as well as at the 2022 World Championship” – said Fabris Peruško, Chief Executive Officer of Fortenova Group.


Fortenova Group is one of the region’s leading companies and one of its largest employers, operating in three core businesses: retail, food and agriculture. In all of its core businesses and in most of the countries of its operations, Fortenova Group is a strong market competitor with a large portfolio of brands in leading market positions.  

“I am proud that we have signed the agreement with one of the most important companies in this part of Europe, which confirms our commitment to seeking the best partners for the Croatian football. Just as football is the flagship of Croatian sports, Fortenova Group and its companies are key for the Croatian economy and it seems only natural to me for us to be strong partners. I would like to thank Mr. Peruško and the heads of Fortenova Group companies for having recognized the international value of our football and I am convinced that this cooperation will bring lots of benefits, successes and victories to both sides, on the green field and beyond” – said Davor Šuker, President of HNS.

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