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18.53 percent of Mercator shares transferred to Fortenova group


On Tuesday, 30th March 2021, the process of transferring the shares of Poslovni sistem Mercator to Fortenova Group has started. The shares held by Sberbank in Poslovni sistem Mercator were swapped for shares in Fortenova Group and thus 18.53 percent of Mercator shares were transferred to Fortenova Group.

“Yesterday’s commencement of the Mercator share transfer to Fortenova Group  and the divestment of the Frozen Food Business Area concluded on Monday are part of Fortenova Group’s portfolio optimization intended to strengthen and consolidate the capital structure and key areas in which Fortenova Group is market leader. Once the Mercator share transfer to Fortenova Group is completed, together with Mercator Fortenova Group will be the indisputable regional market leader in retail, with significant capacity for investments and further growth” – said Fabris Peruško commenting on the commencement of the Mercator share transfer procedure.

Peruško also pointed out that in the year of the pandemic Fortenova Group companies have been key in securing the provision of supplies for customers on the markets of their operation, also due to thousands of large and small, local and international suppliers that Fortenova Group companies have had long-standing and stable business relations with.

“The forthcoming integration of Mercator with Fortenova Group’s retail is a great opportunity for all key suppliers” – Peruško emphasized, adding on the report of the Slovenian Extraordinary Commissioner at Mercator published on Wednesday which has confirmed full compliance of Mercator’s operations with the Slovenian Lex Mercator. The Report points out that Mercator has offered its strategic suppliers in Slovenia to sign long-term cooperation agreements, signed by all those who have found their business interest in such agreements.

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