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The Fortenova Group is open to all responsible individuals focused on accomplishing goals and achieving the best results. Dynamism, flexibility and readiness to learn and face new challenges are the key qualities of our employees, enabling us to be the region's leader in food industry, retail, agriculture and services.

The Fortenova Group is recognized as a business environment fostering individual and professional growth, offering its employees numerous career development and advancement opportunities, provided that they are capable and willing to respond to the requirements and dynamics of business, ready for committment, personal development and loyalty to the company.

The recruitment process starts with psychological tests and knowledge tests that use professional expertise to assess personality traits, general abilities and knowledge.

The key part of any recruitment process is the selection interview. During the interview the employer assesses the knowledge, experience, motivation, personality and communication skills of the candidate.


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We consider our employees to be the cornerstone of our success. We provide them with a safe and encouraging working environment and the possibility to accomplish their professional goals and ambitions, where their contribution will be recognized and valued appropriately.

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Human Resources

Human resources are one of the key resources and a direct participant in the business development of the Fortenova Group, which today has a headcount of more than 50,000 employees.

As regional leader in the food, retail and wholesale industries, Fortenova is a unique organization that clearly conveys its mission and hence attracts, employs, motivates and develops human resources as the main driving force of its current and future success.

The size, diversity and expansion dynamics require managerial and specialist workforce of different profiles and the company is open to ambitious employees eager to learn and achieve success, who will contribute to the new development stage of the Fortenova Group with fresh ideas and a fresh approach. Young people are offered numerous career development and advancement opportunities, provided that they are capable and willing to respond to the requirements and dynamics of business, ready for commitment, learning and loyalty to the company. The goal of Fortenova Group's human resource policy is employee satisfaction, a positive corporate climate and culture that values and appreciates success in all areas as well as the best combination of quality and commitment to staying with the Fortenova Group in the long term.

Education Systems Within Fortenova group

The Fortenova Group's employee education systems monitor the business and personal needs and are being aligned with the strategies of development, innovation and change to provide for ongoing company and individual improvement.

In addition, the education systems set new, higher standards in managing processes and all available resources, in the ways of managing and implementing change, and generate individual and company knowledge to contribute to our success.

Our employees attend graduate, post-graduate and MBA studies as well as various expert and specialist programs at the country's and the world's best institutions and participate at conferences, seminars, workshops and professional meetings in the region and worldwide.

Apart from the above, there are intensive other forms and ways of acquiring new knowledge, such as working with renowned experts and consultants, taking part in inter-sector and inter-company projects, job switching (vertical, horizontal and inter-company).

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